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Life Sciences

Christopher B. Moore, melatonin, Poultry Science
Aquatic Botany Laboratory, pfiesteria piscicida, Botany

NC Agricultural Research Service
College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
Page has links to information relating to research within College of Agricultural and Life Sciences.

Animal and Poultry Waste Management Center
College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
Page is home page for a rather extensive site. Interesting links are nested within the pages.

Biological and Agricultural Engineering Research Program
College of Engineering
This page describes and has links to the research focus of BAE such as Bioprocessing (Food) Engineering and Soil and Water.

Biomedical Instrumentation Laboratory Home Page
BMIL's primary mission is the development of medical electronics and instrumentations systems.

Biomedical Microsensors Laboratory Home Page
BMMSL's primary mission is the development of microfabricated (extremely small) biomedical sensors.

Environmental Factor Interactions Controlling Eelgrass Survival Under Water-Column Nitrate Enrichment
NC State Outreach Programs
Determine the impacts of water-column nitrate enrichment in controlling eelgrass' nitrogen and carbon physiology. Examine the influence of sediment phosphorus and ammonium regimes in controlling eelgrass' N/C metabolism under water column enrichment. Verify mesocosm and laboratory experiments, testing eelgrass for survival across a gradient of water-column nitrate enrichment.

Facility for Ocean/Atmospheric Modeling and Visualization
A very detailed site that describes computer weather modeling and the production of visual representation of weather. This site has information about climate predictions for East Africa, tornados, coastal flooding

Fertilization Impacts on Longleaf Pine Growth and Straw Production
Forest Nutrition Cooperative
In 1991, NCSFNC initiated Special Study 55 designed to quantify the amount and nutrient content of annual pinestraw production and the magnitude of pinestraw and stand growth response following fertilization.

Forest Nutrition Cooperative
Surface and Subsurface Tillage Effects on Pine Survival and Growth
Site preparation has the potential for creating environmental conditions (e.g., light, water, and nutrient availability) favorable to the survival and growth of planted pines. The status of research studies and results are given here.

Presently the fundamental research is focused on understanding soil and climatic factors that influence nutrient and water availability, the ecophysiological bases for resource availability effects on forest production, and genetic differences in resource acquisition and utilization.

Identifying Optimum Rates and Frequencies of Nutrient Application to Maintain High Rates of Production in Forest Plantations
Forest Nutrition Cooperative
The combination of strong biological responses to fertilization and increasing stumpage prices has made fertilization a very attractive financial investment for much of the southern pine region in the southeastern United States. Read the experimental design and research results here.

Physical Sciences

Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratory Nuclear reactions and astrophysics, Physics

Assessment Instrument Project
College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Describes a project that is developing assessment tools that can be used in pre and post assessments for physics education reserach.

Atomic Collisions Laboratory
College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
The collisions of electrons and atomic ions with atoms and molecules are the main themes

Atomic, Molecular & Optical Physics
This page indexes the primary research focii of AM&OP.

College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Astrophysics home page

Atmospheric Sciences
College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
The page has short descriptions of research areas.

Blastwave Meets the Ring
Site describes the blastwave from a supernova

Center for Nuclear Power Plant Structures, Equipment and Piping Home Page
The mission of the CNPPSEP is to perform research on innovative but rigorous solutions to problems in nuclear power plants and to transfer this technology to the industry.

Center for Sound and Vibration Home Page
The Center for Sound and Vibration encompasses a broad range of graduate research thrusts in the areas of acoustics and mechanical vibrations. They coordinate research on sound and vibrations and their effects on animals, man, and machines.

Condensed Matter & Materials Physics
College of Physical And Mathematical Sciences
This page describes the work of each researcher associated with the condensed matter and materials physics group.

Convection in Core-Collapse Supernovae
College of Phisical and Mathematical Sciences
This site has an image of a model of core collaspe within a supernovae.

Earth Sciences
College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Page has short descriptions of areas of research interests. There are no direct links to research projects. There are links to individual faculty and some of these lead to sites of interest.

Educational Research in Physics
College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
This page idexes and links to the various thrusts of the education research research in physics groups.

Experimental Atomic Physics
College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Page has short description of the various types of techniques used to make the very precise measurements required for atomin physics.

Experimental Molecular Ion Physics
College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Experiments to measure the ways that simple molecular ions neutralize by recombining with free electrons.

Experimental Nuclear Physics
Page describes the facilities and general research thrusts of ENP.

Educational Programs for Teachers
North Carolina Solar Center
This site catalogs services provided to educators by the Solar Center and tells how to obtain information. It is a good site for anyone interested in solar energy.

Faculty Research Programs
College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
This page indexes the research areas within the chemistry dept. It links the names of each faculty member to a page describing their particular reseach interests. The page also links the following areas of chemistry to the faculty working in this area.

Integrated Math, Physics, Engineering and Chemistry
College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
This site is used both to describe and to administer the IMPEC program. The program involve intergrating the teaching of the math, physics, chemistry, and enginnering class for beginning engineering majors.

Kinematics Graph Interpretation Project
College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Describes a project that evauates how well students understand the graphical representation of data. The page also includes suggestions for teachers to enhance students understanding of motion graphing..

Engineering and Technology

Mars Mission Research Center, Mars transportation, Aerospace Engineering

Advanced Electronic Materials Processing
This center focuses on materials and processes used to produce semiconductors.

Analytical Instrumentation Facility
AIF's primary function is to provide instrumentation support for the university. They provide instrumentation, support and instruction.

Center for Advanced Computing and Communication Home Page
The CACC research goal is to create concepts, methods and tools for use in the analysis, design and implementation of advanced computer and communication systems.

Center for Robotics and Intelligent Machines Home Page
This page gives a brief description of CRIM.

Center for Transportation Engineering Studies
The Center for Transportation Engineering Studies at NCSU provides a focal point for coordinated efforts in applied research for a broad range of specific research topics funded by NCDOT. A a few examples of the research areas include design, construction, maintenance, and rehabilitation of highway structures and facilities.

Center for Transportation and the Environment Home Page
CTE research focuses on limiting the effects of surface transportation on the environment.

Chemical Engineering Research Programs
This page describes the various research focii of CE. They are: thermodynamics, Catalysis/Reaction Engineering, transport process, Process Optimization and Design, Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology, Environmental Studies, Inorganic and Electronic Materials and Polymers.

College of Engineering Home Page
Home page for College of Engineering. It has links to each of the departments, general information about the college, information about facilities and general information about research.

College of Engineering Research
This tour consists of a description of the College of Engineering's mission as related to research. This is followed by a series of images of various students pictured with their research projects including a brief description of each project.

Construction Automation and Robotics Laboratory Home Page
CARL is developing robotics to be used in the construction industry.

Electrical and Computer Engineering Research Centers and Laboratories
College of Engineering
This page is an index of all the labs and centers associated with ECE.

The F-18 Project Home Page
College of Engineering
This site details the F-18 flight research project of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. It includes complete descriptions, many images and quicktime movies.

College of Engineering
A complete description of a project to build a full scale model of the HL-20 reusable orbital vehicle. The page includes many images. It includes a history of the project and a description of the lifting body concept.

Industrial Assessment Center Home Page
The Industrial Assessment Center analyzes the operating characteristics and energy requirements of manufacturing facilities. Industrial firms located within 150 miles of the University are audited by faculty/graduate student teams to identify and recommend specific opportunities to conserve energy and/or utilize alternative energy sources, and to improve productivity and minimize waste production.

Integrated Manufacturing Systems Engineering Institute Home Page
IMSEI focuses on improving manufacturing processes through research and cooperation between NCSU and industry.

Earth and Space Sciences

Mars Mission Research Center, Mars transportation, Aerospace Engineering

Mathematical Sciences

Education and Psychology

SERVIT Group, Science Education Research in Visual Instructional Technology, Science Education

Centers, Institutes, and Laboratories of NC State University

The Advanced Textile Engineering Design Program
College of Textiles
This program researches ways to automate design and productions of fabrics and apparel.

Barrier Fabrics Laboratory
College of Textiles
This lab studies the ability of fabrics to prevent passing of chemicals and biological substances

The Center for Universal Design
School of Design
The Center for Universal Design is a national research, information and technical assistance center that evaluates, develops and promotes accessible and universal design in housing, natural and built spaces, and products.

Clothing Comfort Laboratory
College of Textiles
Studies human response to garment comfort and objective measurements of thermal comfort and heat stress.

Computer Science Research Areas, Lectures, and Reports
This page has links to research information such as research areas, student projects, and research labs.

The Design Research Laboratory
School of Design
The Design Research Laboratory is an interdisciplinary unit of the School of Design with facilities oriented toward research and teaching of advanced computer-based imaging, modeling, and simulation.

College of Engineering
The Electronic Nose project

This page describes a project to develop an electronic nose. Its initial purpose would be to monitor odors produced from hog farming. This is a nice page complete with images and clear, colorful diagrams.

Fabric Hand Laboratory
College of Textiles
Performs tests of the mechanical and thermal properties of fabric.

Furniture Manufacturing & Management Center
FMMC conducts research designed to keep furniture manufacturers competitive

Industrial Engineering Research
College of Engineering
Each link on the page goes to a very brief description of each lab or facility.

Intellimedia Initiative
The Intellimedia Initiative is a multidisciplinary research program on intelligent multimedia technologies. The research brings together Computer Science, School of Design, and College of Education and Psychology.

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