Learning to Use Technology

Teachers can use this section to get up-to-date information on technology skill development. Need to brush up on using Calculator-Based Laboratory 2 (CBL 2), capturing video clips, or writing web pages? Visit "Learning to Use Technology" which provides step-by-step directions, graphics and QuickTime movies which address a variety of topics that will help improve your technology skills.

NC Earthkam

The NASA EarthKam project enables students to take photographs of Earth from a camera flown on a space shuttle orbiter. During the mission, students use interactive Web pages to monitor the orbiter's flight path and to select areas of interest to photograph. Within hours, students can access the digital images on the Web and then use the images to conduct their own investigations of Earth.

Relocating a Lighthouse

The Carolina Coastal Science Web site is an innovative, inquiry-based science resource that utilizes the interactive technologies of a Web browser to explore science in coastal Carolina. It was developed based on the goals stated in the National Science Education Standards and has been aligned with the North Carolina Science Curriculum Standards.


This is a simulation of two molecules of Hydrogen Iodide interacting with each other. One molecule is designated as the "bullet" molecule, which is shot into the "target" molecule. The hydrogen atom is displayed as the small red sphere, and the iodide is shown as the larger blue sphere. The various game levels allow the user to control different motions of the molecules. Your objective is to get the molecules to react to form a molecule of Hydrogen.

Which Way Is North?

Which Way Is North? is an activity that allows students to develop skills in understanding location by exploring a variety of unique geological formations using QuickTime Virtual Reality (QTVR) panoramas and topographic maps.

Dino Inquiry

This activity allows you to explore a variety of dinosaur fossil bones from the Dinosaur National Monument quarry using Quicktime Virtual Reality (QTVR) panoramas and digital still imagery.

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