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The people who put the Science Junction on track

Alpha Team

John C. Park
Project Director
Science Education

David G. Haase
Project Co-director

Lisa P. Barnett
Graphic Design

Alec M. Bodzin
Science Education

April J. Cleveland
Science Education

Susan E. Curtis
Graphic Design

Lisa Leonor Grable
Science Education

Scott B. Sams
Computer Science 

Advisory Committee

Alton J. Banks, Chemistry

Ndaona Chokani
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

David J. DeMaster
Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences

Patrick Fitzgerald
Design and Technology

David G. Haase

James C. Lester
Computer Science, Engineering

Charles F. Lytle

John C. Park
Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education

Hiller A. Spires
Curriculum and Instruction

 Special Thanks

Joan J. Michael
College of Education and Psychology

Edwin Gerler
Associate Dean
Education and Psychology

J.L. Whitten
College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

D.L. Solomon
Associate Dean
Physical and Mathematical Sciences

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