NC State

and Data
  • Data Depot, Solar Eclipse Data Sets '98, NASA
and Photos
  • Science Junction home, Transrapid 8 monorail, tr08titl.jpg,,
    Jörn Mika
  • Upgrade Route, Writing a simple web page with a text editor,
    Chris Stephens
  • Data Depot, Water What-ifs, all photos, April J. Cleveland & Lisa L. Grable
  • Teacher Terminal, Carolina Coastal Science, photos (except where noted), Alec M. Bodzin
  • Teacher Terminal, IMSEnet Teachers, rbow.gif,, NC State University
  • Student Station, splatgreen.gif, Web Graphics Mega Pack, bullets/splat/green.gif, Nova Development Corporation,
  • Student Station, Space Track, goof noise, Scott B. Sams
  • Teacher Terminal, Feb. 98 eclipse, John C. Park
Animation & Java
  • Data Depot, Feb. 1998 Solar Eclipse - Java simulation, Scott B. Sams
  • Student Station, Space Track - Java physics simulation game, Scott B. Sams
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