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Choose from the following list of skill development activities for information and resources on the following topics.

  • Assessment Vocabulary/Differentiating Performance Assessment
    Examine the vocabulary of assessment which includes examples for a number of the terms to help you understand the differing aspects of assessment. In addition, varying options for performance assessment are outlined by providing examples for teachers to use as student performance assessment.

  • Extracurricular Science Activities
    Take a look at extracurricular science activities to help encourage your students to pursue science out of the classroom environment.

  • Supplemental Science Materials
    Take a look at several of the available supplemental science curriculum materials to help support and broaden your current curricula.

  • Gender Equity
    Determine if gender equity exists in your classroom and evaluate the steps you can take to reduce the gender inequities if they do exist.

  • Student Verbalization
    Discover the importance of student verbalization as of means of increasing concept understanding.

  • Acceptable Use Policies
    Take a look at the need for acceptable use policies for our students and determine the type which is right for your students by studying the examples provided.

  • Listening Skills
    Gain an understanding of the importance of listening in providing insight into the way students think and learn.

  • Goals of the Introductory Physics Laboratory
    Determine the goals of the introductory physics course as determined using guidelines from the American Association of Physics Teachers.

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