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Choose from the following list of skill development activities to discover how to use each of the specific technologies effectively in a classroom setting.
The following icons indicate the use of streaming video or the use of downloadable video .

  • Electronic Communications
    Provide collaborative opportunities for students using asynchronous and synchronous virtual communication tools in a classroom setting.

  • Using the Web
    Discover how to navigate the web and teach your students how to use search engines to find the information they need. Learn where to go to find shareware and freeware to share with your students.

  • Digital Cameras
    Learn how to use digital cameras to increase classroom interactions and learning opportunities.

  • Still Image Input, Manipulation, and Output
    Discover how to use the ability to input images into your computer and develop unique creations as a tool to enhance teaching and learning.

  • Creating Web Pages
    Provide students with a continued connection by providing web pages for them to access from a remote location. Encourage increased peer interaction and collaboration by providing a tool with which students can express their talents and abilities.
  • Panoramas and Object Movies
    Discover how to use your ability to turn still images into panoramas and object movies as a classroom enhancement.
  • Calculator-Based Laboratories
    Enhance your students' data collection experiences by learning to use the CBL to begin "real-world" data collection in and out of the classroom.

  • Microcomputer-Based Laboratories
    Use remote site data collection with the LabPro to encourage the use of higher order thinking skills to experience "real- world" problem solving.

  • Data Analysis
    Use data collections as a tool for teaching the art of data analysis and manipulation.

  • Digital Videos
    Master the ability to use digital videos to enrich or expand a lesson.
  • Digital Video Analysis
    Teach your students how use digital video clips to take quantitative measurements using time and position.

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