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Welcome to Teaching With Microcomputer-Based Laboratories

These skill development activities will introduce you to some of the many
ways microcomputer-based laboratories (MBL) can be used in the classroom to enhance the learning process.

The first skill development activity, Desktop Demos, will provide a sample
of movies, experiments, and pictures that could be used for teaching
purposes. Each of the listed examples use microcomputer-based laboratories (MBL).

The second skill development activity will introduce some of the creative
ways teachers are using microcomputer-based laboratories (MBL) as a teaching tool.

The third skill development activity provides examples of how students have
been able to enhance their learning experience by using microcomputer-based laboratories (MBL).

The fourth link, Other Uses, consists of examples of laboratory activites and projects which can be found online and demonstrate how technology is being used in the classroom.
They provide some great ideas that you might find useful.

Teachers, please email any creative ideas that you and your class may have
come up with for using micro-computer-based laboratories (MBL) in the classroom.