1. How is the LabPro different from the ULI (Universal Lab Interface)?

The LabPro has several new features which make it different from the ULI. One, the ability to auto-ID sensors and two, additional channels. The Lab Pro has six channels: four analog and two digital. LabPro can be used with a computer, TI Graphing Calculator or as a stand-alone data collection device. When used with a computer, it can be connected to the serial port or a USB port and it collects data faster than the ULI. The LabPro is also less expensive than the ULI.

2. What is the necessary power source to run the LabPro unit?

Four 1.5 volt AA batteries.

It can also be powered with an AC adapter which comes packaged with the LabPro.

3. How much does the Lab Pro cost?

When purchased from Vernier, the LabPro costs $220.00. The LabPro comes with a voltage probe, a PC serial cable, a Macintosh adapter for the serial cable, a USB cable, an AC adapter, a link cable, and a "calculator cradle."

4. What comes packaged with the LabPro?

The LabPro comes with a voltage probe, a PC serial cable, a Macintosh adapter for the serial cable, a USB cable, an AC adapter, a link cable, and a "calculator cradle."

In addition to the sensor which is provided with the LabPro, Vernier has over forty different sensors available which can be used with the LabPro. An updated cost and compatibility list is provided on the Vernier web site.

5. What other sensors should I buy?

Several teachers suggested the following probes and sensors would be the most useful to complete a general science setup:
  • Motion detector-this sensor will also be used by the math teachers, so the cost can be shared.
  • pH sensor
  • Gas Pressure sensor
  • Microphone
Vernier will create a bundled package which will include the LabPro, a lab manual, and 3-5 sensors related to the discipline you are teaching. The following packages are available:
  • Biology Packages
  • Chemistry Packages
  • Physics Packages
  • Physical Science Packages
  • Water Quality Packages
  • Middle School Packages
  • Comprehensive Science Package
  • Quick-Start Package

Visit Vernier's web site for additional information.

Vernier LabPro Science Packages: http://www.vernier.com/pkgs/packlp.html

6. Is it possible to use a TI-89 calculator with the LabPro?

The following calculators are compatible with the LabPro: TI-73, TI-82, TI-83, TI-83 Plus, TI-86, TI-89, TI-92, and the TI-92 Plus. The LabPro automatically determines which calculator is attached and loads the relevant software.

7. What software do I need to use the LabPro with a computer?

To use LabPro with a computer, you will need to have Logger Pro 2 software. This software program can be purchased from Vernier Software and Technology for $65.00. Visit their web site to learn more about the availability of this software package: Logger Pro software from Vernier Software and Technology.

8. Can I use the LabPro with my Mac laptop computer?

The LabPro can be used with a Power Mac with an operating system of 7.6.1 or newer or a Pentium or compatible PC running Windows 95/98/2000 or NT operating systems.
All the cables and connectors needed to complete these connections are packaged with the LabPro.

Visit "Frequently Asked Questions" for an in-depth explanation of the features of the LabPro and how it can be used most effectively.

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