Creating a Basic Web Page


Formatting a Basic Web Page







Welcome to Creating Web Pages

The skill development activities on the left-hand sidebar will help you to discover the ease with which web pages can be developed and maintained using Dreamweaver 4 software for a Windows operating system. If you are using a Macintosh, the menu bars will be slightly different, but the directions are basically the same.

Dreamweaver 4 software allows you to quickly and easily create and manage single web pages or entire sites. Both the novice and the professional can utilize this software and each will be surprised with the ease of use.

In the first skill development activity entitled, "Creating a Basic Web Page," you will learn how to use tables to layout and start a new web page and the purpose of the Launcher, the Object Palette, the Property Inspector, and the Context Menus.

The second skill development activity will demonstrate how to easily modify your page's properties, add and format the text and check your spelling.

The third skill development activity will describe how to add links to your pages using Dreamweaver 4. Links can be added which will take you to another file such as a page within a site, or a web page that is outside your site. Links can even be added within the page in the form of anchors. E-mail links can also be added which, when clicked, will open an e-mail form which is addressed to the selected recipient.

The fourth skill development activity will focus on adding images and creating a simple rollover image.

The fifth skill development activity will feature the use of layers to create a web page layout as an alternative or in addition to the use of tables.