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Welcome to Data Analysis

The skill development activities on the left-hand sidebar will help you to use Vernier's Graphical Analysis for Windows and Microsoft's Excel 2000 software to analyze and graphically display data with a PC.

Vernier's Graphical Analysis software will allow you to easily add , graph, and analyze data. Data can be manually entered in to the data table or imported from a Texas Instruments graphing calculator using TI-GRAPH LINK. Data can be imported from the following graphing calculators: TI-73, TI-82, TI-83, TI-83 Plus, TI-85, TI-86, TI-89, TI-92, and TI-92 Plus.

Graphical Analysis is an inexpensive software which can be purchased for either a Macintosh or a Windows computer. Visit Vernier's Graphical Analysis page to look at some of the features of this data analysis software.

The three skill development activities on the left hand sidebar will take you through the basics of using the Graphical Analysis software.

The second set of skill development activities will focus on using Microsoft Excel to create and manipulate a basic spreadsheet. Visit Microsoft's web site to learn about the newest features found in this latest version of Excel.

The first skill development activity will take you through the process of entering data manually and copying data to the clipboard from a data site on the web.

The second skill development activity will take you through entering and using formulas to perform simple calculations. Finding averages is a simple process when you know how to use formulas to automate the process.

The third skill development activity will introduce you to making charts and graphs from the data you have entered. Research has shown that representing data graphically gives the observer a more accurate picture of the data. This allows for better recall of the information being presented.

The links page will provide you with links to lessons using data analysis software and also additional tutorials on using the software.