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Choose from the following list of skill development activities to discover how to use each of the specific technologies appropriately.
The following icons indicate the use of streaming video or the use of downloadable video .

  • Electronic Communications
    Learn how to connect to the Internet and discover the art of asynchronous and synchronous virtual communication with such tools as e-mail, webmail, forums, video conferencing and Instant Messenger.
  • Using the Web
    Discover how to navigate the web and use search engines to find the information you need. Learn where to go to find shareware and freeware and how to download it once you find it.
  • Digital Cameras
    Learn how to take images which can be transferred to a computer for printing, manipulation, e-mailing or to create web pages.

  • Still Image Input, Manipulation and Output
    Discover how to input images into your computer and use these images to develop unique creations using Adobe Photoshop. Learn how to use a printer to change these images into usable, printer size, quality photographs.

  • Create Web Pages
    Experience the ease with which web pages can be created with Dreamweaver 4 software.
  • Panoramas and Object Movies
    Discover how to turn still images into panoramas and object movies using VR Worx and QuickTime VR Authoring Studio. You may choose below from a link to either the Macintosh version of QuickTime VR Authoring Studio or the PC version of VR Worx.

  • Calculator-Based Laboratories
    Experience "real-world" data collection using the CBL.

  • Microcomputer-Based Laboratories
    Discover the ease with which data collection can be accomplished with LabPro.

  • Data Analysis
    Transform data collections into usable, understandable sources of information with Microsoft Excel and Graphical Analysis software.

  • Digital Videos
    Create and edit digital videos with a software package called iMovie.

  • Digital Video Analysis
    Discover how to use digital video clips to take quantitative measurements using time and position.

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