Welcome to Space Trak

This game tests your skills and your knowledge of simple physics. You are trying to control a spaceship in outer space, where there is no friction and no gravity. Your mission is to move the spaceship around the track without letting it touch the walls, and return it to its original position. You may move in either direction. For each move, you have two options: You can let the spaceship coast (continue moving at its current velocity), or you can give the spaceship a push, or "impulse," in the direction indicated by the Force Compass. You can also adjust the amount of the impulse by raising or lowering the force on the Force Meter.

To get a higher score, try and move the spaceship around the track in as few moves as possible. If you do really good, you might make it into the Top Ten. If you crash, wait a few seconds, and you will be given another try. The keys that control the game are shown here, as well as on the game screen:

The game may take up to two minutes to load. Once all the graphics have shown up, click on the spaceship to begin the game.

Good luck and remember your physics!

(c) 1998 John C. Park and Scott B. Sams for Science Junction