Selected Cell Biology Web Sites

Dictionary of Cell Biology

This is an on-line dictionary for biology that works like a key-word search engine. A good resource for biology teachers and students.

Molecular Expressions: Image from the Microscope

Molecular Expressions contains an incredible photo gallery of all kinds of "science stuff" taken from various microscopes. This unique graphics gallery can be used by all science teachers to liven up a class.

Virtual Cell

This web site contains a virtual interactive cell. Biology teachers and students will enjoy cutting and zooming in on the different layers and organelles of the cell. Lots of information and quicktime movies.

DLC-ME: The Microbe Zoo

If you are interested in learning about microbes that are in the food you eat, in outer space, in the ground, oceans, or atmosphere, then you must check out this awesome site. A great resource for all students to learn some neat things in a fun, interactive environment. (You will have to use the "Go" pull-down menu to return to Science Junction.)

Microbiology Resources for Students

The Microbiology Resources for Students web pages is an excellent resource for students interested in learning about careers in microbiology. Included at this site is information about what a microbiologist does, salaries, education, and grants and fellowships.

The Nanoworld Home Page

The Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis is an interdisciplinary research and service facility dedicated to the understanding of the structure and composition of all materials at atomic, molecular, cellular and macromolecular scales. Comprehensive image bank full of great electron microscope shots of lots of neat biological stuff. Great images!!

Virus News and Views

Virus News and Views, maintained by the Microbiology Department at the University of Cape Town, contains a rich supply of current articles relating to viruses. Great source of information for a high school student researching a virus.

Institute for Molecular Virology

This site has many electron micrographs of viruses. You will see fantastic images and movies of viruses! Lots of them are in color. The virus images at this site make for great decorations on any biology class's bulletin board.

Electromagnetic Images of Viruses

Linda Stannard of the University of Capetown offers electromagnetic images of both animal and plant viruses on her web site. She also provides annotations that tell information such as the size of the virus and the structure. The pictures are excellent and now students will know what the common cold virus looks like!

3-D Interactive Cell

This site has a great three-dimensional representation of a cell! Students get to see an inside view of common organelles like mitochondria and the Golgi apparatus.

Talksaver Introduction to Cell Biology

This site presents essential ideas of genetic and molecular biology. Good section on contemporary issues.

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