Selected Chemistry Web Sites

Chemistry Multimedia

This web site contains a downloadable collection of quicktime movies of chemical animations such as catalytic reactions and 3-D molecules. These are good resources for chemistry teachers to use in their classrooms to facilitate the learning of chemical processes including bond formations and chemical structures.

Molecule of the Month

This web site highlights the complete chemistry of a different molecule each month. An archive of past month's molecules is included. The resources include 3-D molecular images, animations and graphics that can be used by chemistry teachers to explain different physical and chemical properties of molecules.

The Catalyst-Chemistry Resources For The
Secondary Education Teacher on the WWW

This site contains a variety of annotated web sites specifically for secondary chemistry teachers.

The Chemistry Place

This is a paysite with some free demonstrations. This web site includes learning activities with tutorials and testing, research news, Chemistry in your life, and access to the complete text of relevant articles from Scientific American.

ChemTeam: main menu

This site accesses many help sessions and tutorials in chemistry topics.

The Chemistry Page maintained by School Page.

This site links many chemistry resources by topic. A uniquie feature is the ability to ask a teacher chemistry questions.

Science is Fun in the Lab of Shakhashir

Professor Bassam Z. Shakhashir, chemistry professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, gives course information to his students as well as fun information about chemistry topics in general.

The NIH Molecular Modeling Home Page

The Center for Molecular Modeling creates a website with information on software for modeling, research tools on the network, ongoing projects at NIH, related sites, and a number of guides and tutorials on molecular modeling. The tutorials offer a great amount of information on molecules and their mechanics.

TLMC-Computer Graphics

This page contains scientific visualization of chemical structures and atomic orbitals presented as QuickTime and MPEG movies. There is also coverage on the discovery of the atomic structure illustrated with captivating 3D computer animation.

Chemistry Hypermedia Project

The goals of this project are to use the internet to disperse information that will help students learn chemistry and aid educators in teaching chemistry. This site contains prototypes of interactive exercises and chemistry tutorials.

The American Chemical Society ACSWeb

In this webpage, teachers will not only be interested in becoming a member of the society, but they will have access to their publications and a great section on education, which includes curriculum materials for teachers at all levels from kindergarten through college, professional development courses, information for students, the student affiliate program , and support for academic and industrial institutions.

Molecular Library

This contains broad resources on water and ice, carbon, hydrocarbons, amino acids, nucleotides, lipids, sugars, photosynthesis, and drugs. There are links to other data bases, and a separate library of 3D geometric shapes.

CHEMystery: An Interactive Guide to Chemistry

CHEMystery is a virtual text book on chemistry. It is focused on highschool chemistry students but can be used by teachers.

Educational Ventures into Chemistry

This cemistry page is a collaboration of 'Zoetic HomeSchool' with 'Poseidon Software and Invention'. It includeschemistry as well as the math used in chemistry.


BioChemLinks has both the latest news and textbook information on Biology and Chemistry.

The Chemical Scorecard

The Chemical Scorecard has information on chemicals in the air and the problems the cause. It can single out communities and give information on the main pollutants and who is responsible for their release into the air.

Chlorine Chemistry Council

This page give information onchlorine andfacts to use in the classroom.

AUFBAU1: A Teaching Resource for 14-16 year old chemistry students

This is a list of references for high school chemistry students.

Chemist's Art Gallery

The Chemist's Art Gallery is a list of animations and visualizations of various reactions etc.

Visualizing Molecules

This page includes diagrams and computer generated images of different molecules and compounds. There are also links to other sites.

Computers in Chemistry at Cabrillo College

This page has a Molecular Library, Chime Help Center, Molecular Playground, and other molecule related sections.

NIST Chemistry WebBook

The Chemistry WebBook has a way to search for specific chemistry related information as well as answers to frequently asked questions.

ChemSoc - The Chemistry Societies Network

This site, run by The Chemistry Societies Network has many useful resources, including a library, a societies directory, a list of events and conferences, and many more links on related subjects.


WebElements aims to be a high quality source of information on the www relating to the periodic table. Coverage is such that professional scientists and students at school will all find something useful.

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