Selected Mega Biology Web Sites

Access Excellence
This is an archive of favorite classroom activities submitted by high school biology and life sciences teachers participating in the Access Excellence programs. Lots of practical, hands-on biology labs and activities. Lesson plans and labs for biology and life science classes. Excellent classroom resource for biology teachers.

Benjamin Franklin High School's Links to Biology Info
This web page at Benjamin Franklin High School in New Orleans, La. contains a very extensive list of links to biology sites on the World Wide Web. The list is subdivided into different biology topics for easy use. A great resource for anyone interested in any biology topic.


California State University has really outdone themselves with this web page. An excellent resource for studying biological science. This page has some excellent graphics of plants. Extensive links to biology websites are included.

The Biology Place

The Biology Place is an excellent resource for any biology class. Lots of great information on current topics in all areas of biology. Lots of on-line student activities in the biological sciences. Highest recommendation for all biology teachers.

Biology Teaching Home Page

This site is the Biology Teaching Home Page in Hong Kong. Many of the links are still "under construction", but the concept map portion of this site is very good. The concept map topics include cellular respiration, photosynthesis, transport in plants, moveable joints, and a variety of human systems (good for Anatomy and Physiology students). These concept maps are easy to understand and may make the traditional "tough" topic of cellular respiration a bit easier for students to understand.

National Center for Science Education (NCSE)
This website tracks the efforts of an organization to defend the teaching of evolution in the science classroom and promote public understanding of this theory as fact.

Flying Turtle Science and Technology Exploring
This fun award winning site explores energy and basic science principles in nature and human technology. The articles are carefully researched, accurate, easy to understand, and in addition to providing good basic explanations, the creative throughout provoking approach helps to generate an interest in science an technology.

Howard Hughes Medical Institute Holiday Lectures on Science


BioRAP - Biological Research for Animals and People

Medicines: The Inside Story

Seeing, Hearing, and Smelling the World

BIOPI-L Home Page

Developmental Biology Cinema

VRML Biology Page

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Cell Biology

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