Selected Mega Science Web Sites

MIMS (Midlands Improving Math and Science) Hub

The MIMS Hub web site is an excellent resource for science teachers using the Web. Its database of over 500 annotated science and math web resources,can be accessed by a keyword search or by searching within one of eighteen categories. The web resource annotations are written by classroom teachers. Each entry links to the web site it describes. The MIMS Hub also contains many science lesson plans accessible on the Web. It also includes a variety of different telecommunications opportunities for science teachers and their students; these include lists of science and math listservs with direct links and instructions on how to subscribe to them, "keypal" opportunities to connect a classroom to other classrooms around the world, announcements of current telecommunications "happenings" involving science and math on the Internet and problem solving puzzles.

Quest: NASA K-12 Internet Initiatives

This web site contains information on NASA's K-12 fantastic interactive projects on the internet. Great links for educators who are looking for grant funds and who are looking to bring the internet into their classroom.

The Why Files

The Why Files web site focuses on the theme of "science behind the news." Every two weeks, a new Why File is posted that deals with a current events issue in the news involving science. Topics vary across all the science disciplines. Examples include cigarette smoking, airplane safety, viral outbreaks and biological processes relating to fear. Each Why File contains graphics, audio and links to related resource sites on the Web. This web site presents science curricular topics relevant to current events. All past Why Files are archived and can be accessed with a user-friendly search engine. This web site also contains areas on sports science and "cool science images."

The Hillsdale-Lenawee-Monroe (HML)
Math/Science Center

The HLM Math/Science Center web site provides an excellent water quality studies section that describes the Southeast Michigan Watershed Project. Included is an on-line tutorial for water chemistry that presents procedures and methods for conducting water quality tests and then analyzing the test results. A variety of chemical tests and equipment are presented with photo illustrations. This is a valuable resource for ecology teachers who are interested in conducting water quality tests on a nearby watershed with their students. The Southeast Michigan Water Project is a model of a collaborative research experience for schools that share a common watershed area. The HLM web site also contains information on teacher grants, links to on-line images, a section on Michigan frogs and a variety of web links to topic-related science resources on the WWW.

Science Fair Homepage

If you are looking for a science fair project, this is a great site to check out. Project ideas are for K-12 students. This site has a direct link to Canada's Science Fair Homepage.


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