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Education at the University of Illinois

The Office for Math, Science and Technology Education (MSTE) at the University of Illinois has compile comprehensive math and science resources for educators. Links to many good web sites for K-12 science and math classes.

SAMI - Science and Math Initiatives and
Teaching Help Services

SAMI - Science and Math Initiatives - is a good curriculum resource for both math and science teachers. Contains lesson plans and projects, and also information on grant money and "freebies" for educators.

The Science Learning Network

A fantastic K-8 science resource including lesson plans and resources. Waterworks is a great introduction to the physics of water and the mechanics of moving liquids. Investigate fountains and create your own. "Air Travelers" explores the science of balloons and lighter-than-air-flight. Exploration fo the electron microscope and more.

Scholastic Place

A good collection of resources for teachers including lesson plans, seasonal curriculum activities, curriculum libraries, integrating technology into the classroom and other info. A large lesson plan storehouse is at this web site.

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Los Alamos National Laboratory provides science education resources.

NSTA Summer Workshop

This site includes complete lesson plans and instructions of several interesting labs suitable for 10 - 12 science classes. Some of these labs are applicable for various science courses including chemistry, physics, physical science, biology and earth science. The labs are well written, very complete , and will capture the interest of students. Additional annotated web resources are also linked.

Amateur Scientists

This site has lots of great information. Links to many sites. Some of particular interest are Kids' Science Projects Elsewhere and Physics Demo Page. Physics Demo Page includes details of experiments and links to other good sites for related information and research.

Roadkill '97

EnviroNet at Simmons College - Boston

The Eisenhower Consortium for Mathematics
and Science Education at SERVE

River Resource

UMDL Teaching and Learning Project

Science Teachers Lounge

The Science House

Math/Science Integration

Heritage Online K-12 Science/Math Resources

S.C.O.R.E. Science

National Geophysical Data Center

Kansas Collaborative Research Network

The KIE Internet Education Project

NJNIE Project Curriculum Page

Math/Science Nucleus


On-Line Exhibits at the Field Museum of Natural History


IPL Science Fair Project Resource Guide

Profiles in Science

The Science Page

Science Netlinks

NJ NIE Project

Extreme Science


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