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El Niño Theme Page

This web site contains a wealth of information about El Niño. The material at this web site is appropriate for students in grades 10 -12. Graphic images and animations facilitate learning about El Niño. Extensive information about the impacts of El Niño and benefits of El Niño prediction are presented with many web links to recent graphic images on the Internet. Teachers and students can access the latest El Niño forecasts and measurements which include global sea surface temperature, equatorial Pacific sea surface temperature, and tropical Pacific buoy data. These datasets can be used in the classroom for graphing and data analysis activities.

Ocean Planet

Ocean Planet is an online exhibition from the Smithsonian Institution. This online exhibit contains extensive information on many different oceanographic topics including ocean science, sea people,"SEA store", marine pollution, threatened habitats, global change, fishing issues, and much more. This exhibitcontains many great animations and movies of ocean topography and also many audio sounds of the sea. Ocean Planet has many excellent K-12 lesson plans throughout the exhibit.

A special section of this web site contains marine science and classroom lessons activities from the Smithsonian which adapt several themes of the exhibition for use in the middle and high school classroom. Each lesson plan contains teacher and student objectives, materials, detailed procedures,downloadable student handouts, and links to additional resources on the WWW. These lessons include:

"Sea Secrets" which explores ocean geography, "Sea Connections" which looks at the plants and animals that live in different marine ecosystems, "Ocean Market" which identifies and values many products of the seas, "Pollution Solution" which examines the effects of an environmental crisis,"Stranded Along the Coast" which explores both natural and human causes of animal strandings, and "Reflections on the Sea" exploring the influence of oceans on language and literature.

Ocean Planet is a great resource for teachers who wish to give their students a terrific educational oceanic experience without leaving the classroom.

Sea World/Busch Garden's Teacher's Guide

This web site contains many hands-on science lessons for grades K-8. The focus of these lesson plans is for students to learn how people interact with their environment and how they can best care for Earth's resources. Many of the lesson plans are interdisciplinary. They integrate science, mathematics, geography, art, and language. In the "Water Unit", students explore the forms and properties of water and recognize its key role in sustaining plant and animal life. In "Ocean Olympians", students learn to conserve our valuable natural resources by increasing their awareness of the interrelationships of humans and the marine environment. Each lesson plan contains objectives, teacher documentation, background information, materials, and procedures. Illustrative graphics complement the activities.


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