Selected Space Science Web Sites

NASA Shuttle Web

If you want to learn about the space shuttle, you must visit the NASA Shuttle Web. NASA continuously posts the latest information on shuttle launches and maintains current updates on the Space Shuttle missions. Great graphics and space shots!

NASA Information Services

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Homepage is the world's most comprehensive web site that deals with space and space exploration. Beware: This site is extensive and you can find yourself spending many hours in awe looking at space photos and learning about the many famous NASA missions. This site has some of the most impressive graphics and quicktime movies on the web!

The Nine Planets Tour

The Nine Planets is a multimedia tour of the solar system. This web site is a virtual essay about our solar system with text, pictures, sounds and an occasional movie. Each of the planets and major moons in our solar system is briefly described and illustrated with fantastic pictures from NASA spacecraft.

Hubble Space Telescope

Hubble Space Telescope and Space Telescope Science Institute gives access to the latest images from space.

Welcome to the Planets

Welcome to the Planets is an outstanding resource for teachers wishing to incorporate planetary studies into their curriculum. This website includes colored pictures of the planets and access to information on their masses, densities, revolution and rotation periods, mean temperatures, atmospheric components, etc. Also, there are colored pictures of space exploreration vehicles with information on their structures, assemblies, orbiting information, and dates of deployments. Included within this website is a glossary of terms and a listing of mirror sites.

Mars Pathfinder Mission

This great web site offers a variety of choices to access Mars Pathfinder Mission information. This site not only has various pictures from various views, but it also gives great explanations on all the space exploration trips done by missions here in the United States and overseas. If you want to study Mars' atmospheric temperature, then you will want to check out this web site. Live videos and audios are included.

Space Views/Pathfinder Arrives at Mars

This web site is great for grades 6-12 teachers and students! Included at this site are a quiz with great pictures, a teacher's tour guide, and information from CNN. Use this web site to take a look to see if there is life and water on mars. Also, take a look to see comet Hale-Bopp through many links and images.

Mullard Space Science Lab-Datasets Available

This web site is great for grades 9-12 teachers and students from the University College London! Will you have a career day at your school? If so, this is a great site to visit about a career in space. This web site features: astro-physics, solar physics, plasma physics, climate physics, and detector physics.

Quest: NASA K-12 Internet Initiative

Mars Team Online

Planetary Photojournal:
NASA's Image Access Home Page

Spacelink -An Aeronautics & Space Resource for Education

The National Association of Space Simulating Educators

Solar System Live

The Galileo Project

Astronomy With A Stick


Pathfinder Sojourner Rover Simulation

NASA Observatorium

NASA's Education Program

NASA's Learning Technology Project

NASA Classroom of the Future

Liftoff to Space Exploration

Spacelink Microgravity Teachers Guide 6-12

NeurOn - Neurolab Online

Cassini: Voyage to Saturn

Mission to Geospace

International Solar-Terrestrial Physics

Ulysses Mission to the Sun

Imagine the Universe!

MAP - Microwave Anisotropy Probe

Stanford Solar Center


NASA's Origins Program

Amazing Space Web-Based Activities

Who's Out There? A SETI Adventure


Windows to the Universe

NASA/MSU-Bozeman CERES Project

The Satellite Site

The IMAGE/POETRY K12 Space Science Site

Genesis: Search for Origins

SOHO: The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory

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