Selected Taxonomy Web Sites


The BIOSIS Home Page is an excellent taxonomy and nomenclature resource. "Users will find access to primary services for biologists, such as organism name and nomenclature related services being developed in conjunction with production of the Zoological Record."

The Cephalopod Page

The Cephalopod Page is a fantastic web site full of information of squid, octopi, and other mollusks. An excellent taxonomy resource that can be used to study classification. Great "kalamari" graphics!!

The Cyber Zoomobile

The Cyber Zoomobile is an awesome site for all students to learn about animals. Good educational commentary is combined with hundreds of hyper-links, transforming ordinary text into visual images of animal behavior. "Learn about distribution, individual characteristics, life cycles, reproduction and sex, endangered species status and many other interesting aspects of life on our planet. Information "buttons" provide worldwide links to search engines; zoos and wildlife parks; animal related educational materials; scientific research; veterinary medicine; recreation and eco-tourism; mammals; fish; invertebrates; primates; dinosaurs; wildlife rescue and rehabilitation; classification and Federal and State Agencies."

Life, the Universe and Everything

What a web page! A very extensive web page on biology that just about has it all. A fantastic resource for teachers and students alike who are interested in classification, zoology, botany, paleontology and lots of other science stuff. Highly recommended.

The Tree of Life Home Page

The Tree of Life contains information about the phylogenetic relationships of organisms, to link biological information available on the Internet in the form of a phylogenetic navigator, and to illustrate the diversity and unity of living organisms. This site is a great resource for studying classification, taxonomy, and phylogeny.


TreeView is a simple graphics program for displaying phylogenies on Apple Macintosh and Windows PCs. This software, which is free to download, offers teachers a unique way to teach classification and taxonomy by having students create their own taxonomic trees on a computer. Highly recommended!!

Virus Databases On-line

The virus databases on-line is a comprehensive database of viruses. Included in this database is a complete history and comprehensive information about the taxonomic classification of viruses. A great resource for biology teachers teaching about viruses.


Wild-Flowers is a storehouse of information that has lots of graphics and links to many interesting botany related sites. A great site if one is interested in learning flower taxonomy and classification.

Flowering Plant Gateway

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