Enrichment Assignments

These assignments are designed to help students go outside the normal chemistry content and find interesting and applicable information. All students are expected to complete these assignments by the date given in class. The date given is the last acceptable day to turn in a particular assignment. Students should complete their enrichment activity as soon as possible and submit it BEFORE the date given.

Chemistry News Article

Find an interesting article that mentions a specific chemical. This article could be from a newspaper, magazine, radio, tv, or other source. The source of the article must always be documented. Most of the time I expect you to include the article. Organic chemicals ( vitamins, medicines, hormones, etc ) are the easist to do. The chemical must have at least two carbon atoms and one hydrogen atom in its empirical formula. Summarize the important and interesting point of the article. If you have included the article, this can be done by highlighting the important and interesting information. Go one step farther and look up the chemical in an appropriate source (Merck Index, Physician's Desk Reference, Chemistry for Changing Times , WWW sources, etc). Give the structural formula for the molecule. Then find additional interesting information on the chemical.

Bulletin Board

Create an appropriate Bulletin Board for display in the classroom. Include a photograph of the completed board in your enrichment notebook.