Jenny's Middle School Science Page Welcome to Jenny's Science Home Page.  I am currently a pre-service science teacher at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC. When not in the classroom you can find me on the soccer field either playing or teaching 9 year olds a few soccers skills. 

This page will link you to fascinating places on the WWW.  Thanks for visiting. Drop by any time.  

I taught at Ligon Middle GT program in Raleigh and 7th graders were my students.  I want to thank my cooperating teachers, staff, and professors for guiding me through my experience.    Ligon Middle School  has many interesting links. I taught physical science and the cell.   Lesson Plans & Curriculum Guides is a valuable resource for teachers. During the cell unit the students created cell models, performed mitosis activities, and learned about photosynthesis and diffusion. The egg demo for osmosis really helps students grasp the concept.

Now for some relaxation and fun, which all teachers need!

I think you may enjoy a visit to the museum in London, England from you living room.

I find my favorite search engine to be hotbot. 

Kayaking is a wonderful experience to see first-hand the salt-marshes. The guides take out school trips, scouts and church outings. It is a really vigorating adventure.

You can also try your hand at casting a dip net and see what there is at the bottom of the salt marsh. Kayaking is a relaxing sport and there are many marshes to explore.

If you enjoy gardening you will enjoy this link to gardening. Just click on the butterfly.