Sandy's Biology Corner

Hi, welcome to Sandy's Biology Corner. This is the web page of Sandy Bishop. I teach biological sciences at South Johnston High School, Four Oaks, N.C. This page is designed to help educators locate internet sites for information on biological topics.

Last update: July 24, 1997

My 3 favorite topics to teach are:

Ideas for extended field trips:
Want a fantastic extended field trip? Try a MarineLab Experience. I have been taking students for nine years.

The MarineLab Experience Home Page is an excellent source for information about planning an extended field trip in marine ecology. MarineLab is located in Key Largo, FL. The MarineLab Home Page gives you information about field trip descriptions and destinations. Programs are available for elementary through college students. The main topics covered are seagrass ecology, mangrove ecology, coral reef ecology, field identification of reef fish, invertebrate diversity lab and astronomy/plankton tow. Whether you are a snorkeler or SCUBA diver, suitable programs are available. Information is also available about the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. There are many photographs and even a virtual field trip included. You will enjoy this site.