Tom's First Science Page

Welcome to Tom's first science web page.  This page is a good start for future science educators, since that is what I am.  First, let me tell you a little about myself.  I'm a senior at North Carolina State University.  I'm completing my degree in May in science education.  That means that I'll get a license to teach any science at the high school level.  But the thing is, I really like biology.    I just love living things.   Where you find creatures and plants, thats where you'll find me at my best.  I just completed my student teaching at Millbrook High School of Wake County Public Schools and believe me, not every thing about biology is fun.  Try teaching the Kreb Cycle.   You've got to do it if your going to teach biology.   Below are three of my favorite topics, and below that is some information that might make it easier for you to teach that tough stuff.
Here are my three favorite topics. My favorite search engine is Hot Bot.   It can find those little details that aren't so little when you've got to teach them.

For all you future teachers out there, you might want to check out Busy Teacher.
This is a good resource for lesson plans and activities.

Another good site to visit is the Virtual Cell.  Here you can take a journey into various parts of the cell and organelles. 

One thing that I'm going to be getting up to speed on is what is happening in my field and joining a professional organization is a good way to get started.  Besides, fees are always cheaper when your a student.  I suggest starting out by joining the largest national organization dedicated to life science educators, The National Association of Biology Teachers.

One good thing leads to another and that what i/misc/abws.html">Awesome Web Sites for K - 12 Biology Teachers can do for you.  Look here for links to curriculum resources on the web.

And if your at all like me,  you and your new students will want to visit this truly grizzly sight.  Grrrrrr.

Well, that's all for now.   Don't forget to add some life to your biology classes. --Tom