What I Expect of You, The Chemistry Student

1.) I expect you to be in your seat ready with a sharp pencil or a pen, open notebook, assignment sheet and textbook when the bell rings.

2.) I expect that you will have prepared your assignment before class each day. Study with classmates. Telephone them about specific problems. I expect that you will see me before school, during lunch or after school if you are having trouble with chemistry concepts or problems. This is your responsibility. I expect you to make a thorough review of all assignments before major tests.

3.) I expect your courteous attention to all class activities. This means no talking when others are talking, no pencil sharpening when I am talking, etc. I particularly dislike the rude interuption of watches that beep every hour. Turn off the beeper NOW!

4.) I expect you to consider carefully all absences from chemistry class. Is the meeting or trip really worthwhile? Could your appointment be scheduled at any other time? Are you really sick enough to stay at home? Remember that field trips are not counted as absences. You are required to complete you work before the field trip or to have all assignments ready when you return to class. If you miss one or more classes before a test, you are still required to take the test the day you return to class from the field trip.

5.) I expect missed work to be made up promptly. Even when you are absent you will know about your assignments because assignment sheets for the whole unit's work are handed out at the beginning of the unit. It is your responsibility to get class notes from another student when you have been absent. All test must be completed in accordance with Enloe's new absence policy and at my convenience.

I understand what Dr.Anderson expects of me.

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