NC 7th Grade Science Curriculum

August, 5 1997

Hi, my name is Kelli Hopkins. I am a 7th grade science teacher at Brogden Middle School in Durham, North Carolina. I am interested in using the internet in teaching science. I had difficulty finding web sites that match the North Carolina 7th grade science curriculum. I have created this home page to aid fellow educators in finding web sites that could be incorporated into the classroom and follows the NC 7th grade science curriculum.

The seven topics covered in Competency Goal 6 of 7th grade science curriculum are:

  1. Weather
  2. Heredity
  3. Matter or Chemistry
  4. Force and Motion
  5. Cells
  6. Human Body Systems
  7. Ecosystems and Environment

NCDPI-Standard Course of Study-Science Curriculum | Weather | Heredity | Matter or Chemistry | Force and Motion | Cells | Human Body Systems|

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions email Kelli Hopkins.