Prince's Home Page

Welcome to Prince's Home Page! I am currently teaching grades 9-12 at the Safe Schools Center in Johnston County, North Carolina. The Safe Schools Center is an alternative school for grades K-12. This is a home page for assisting resource teachers and regular educators in the area of science.

My favorite science topics to teach are :

  1. cells
  2. genetics
  3. ecology
  4. solar system
  5. human development
  6. evolution

My favorite search engine is ........Yahoo!

Mars Pathfinder-Welcome to Mars! - A good resource for elementary and secondary students seeking current information and images on Mars. The latest images from the Sagan Memorial Stations. Free connection.

SCIENCE HOBBYIST: Amateur Science Subpage - Great resource for elementary and secondary students and teachers. Shortcut links,science site list, index sites for science project, magazines and news letters. A link to allow students to ask questions. Free connenction.

Birds: Our Environmental Indicators - Ten complete step-by-step online of preparation and activities for juniors high students. Pre-assessment & post, interest extensions, student labs, and additional ideas for projects and EE-link for environmental issues studying birds mainly in the Great Lake Region.

Rainforest Action Network - Great resource for researching the rainforest, critical thinking skills,glossary,demonstrations,photo gallery, updated campaigns and projects. This connection is free.

Neuroscience for Kids - Excellent resource for grades 3-12 for information on the nervous system. On-line and off-line books and articles,extra teaching resources, lots of experiments, games and activities. Great graphics!