F. Norris's ChemClassroom

Welcome to my home page. I currently teach chemistryat South Johnston High School. I teach honors level to tenth graders and regular chemistry for eleventh graders. I have been teaching chemistry for 30 years. Last update July 23,1997.

My 3 favorite topics to teach are :

  1. Electron configuration
  2. Stiochiometry
  3. Redox

My favorite search engine is.....Yahoo!

Physics Web Sites

Physics of Golfl

National Science Olympiad, Spring 1997 Surfing the Net

Nobel Laureates in Physics 1901 - 1996

Chemistry Web Sites

Virtual Prof


Source of help for Physics teachers and physics students. Includes helpful hints on how to be a good student.Free registration for !st and 2nd semester help for physics students plus a pay subscription for access to physicists.

The Chemistry Place


This is a paysite with some free demonstrations. Site includes learning activities with tutorials and testing, research news, Chemistry in your life, and access to complete text of relevant articles from Scientific American

The Busy Teacher's Web Site


Great source of information for K-12 teachers. Contains lots of links. User friendly. Categorized for easy access. Categories include: Archaelogy,Art. Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Technology, Ecology/Environment. Elementary School, English,HS Guidance, History, Mathematics, Palentology, Physics, Recess, other sciences, Social Studies, and Teachers' Reference section

Amateur Scientist


This site has lots of great information. Links to many sites. Some of particular interest are Kids' Science Projects Elsewhere and Physics Demo Page. Physics Demo Page includes details of experiments and links to other good sites for related information and research.

Periodic Table