Shanda's 1st Science Page


Hi, my name is Shanda Annette Hill.  I am a secondary science educator at NC State University located in Raleigh, NC.  This web site has been designed as a resource for both science educators and their students. 

Some of my favorite topics are:

My favorite search engines, for students, are Yahooligans , and Magellan 
  Some good science links to look at are :  Keeping abreast with current trends in the science education field is important.  The following is a list of links to organizations that involve science educators:  NC Science Teacher's Association ,National Science Teacher's Association,  and National Association of Biology Teachers 

I had the opportunity to attend the North Carolina Science Teacher's conference in Greensboro,NC.  While there, I was able to collect information from various sources that will prove helpful in my career as an educator.  As I receive more responses from these sources, I plan to add their websites to my web page.

I have received one such response thus far.  This site is from a company that makes a product that can be used in an Anatomy and Physiology class.  This product provides hands-on practice to students.

This site is composed of links that are helpful to science students and instructors.  Here is a link just for fun.  Contained at this site are various "cool" images.