Adv Chemistry Introductory Material

This is introductory information for Rhonda Smith's Adv Chemistry Class.

Introductory Information

I. Purpose

The purpose of this class is to help you:

1. understand the nature of science

2. become proficient in using science process skills to solve problems and make decisions

3. develop skills to manipulate and operate science equipment

4. develop responsible attitudes toward the environment, science, technology, and society

5. understand basic scientific concepts and principles

6. prepare for more advanced chemistry courses

II. Procedure (Class Rules )

1. I expect you to be in your seat ready to work with a sharp pencil or a pen, open notebook, assignment sheet and textbook when the tardy bell rings.

2. Do not ask to go to the bathroom before or during class except in an emergency.

3. I expect your courteous attention to all class activities. This means no talking when I am talking or while questions are being asked or answered. You must raise your hand and/or be recognized before speaking.

4. No eating or drinking in class.

5. Do not get out of your seat without permission.

6. I expect you to consider carefully all absences from chemistry class. Is the meeting or trip really worthwhile? Could your appointment be scheduled at any other time? Are you really sick enough to stay at home? Remember that field trips are not counted as absences. You are required to complete your work before the field trip or to have all assignments ready when you return to class.

Attendance in chemistry is extremely important. Chemical knowledge is cumulative. Participation in today's activities is often essential to understanding tomorrow's work. Classwork that is done out of order is often less meaningful to students. Some assignments and opportunities are almost meaningless out of context and out of order. Chemistry knowledge and understanding is more than a list of completed assignments and tests. When you are absent, you will miss subtle links between the facts and the problems that lead to real understanding. You can make up graded assignments but you wll never know all that you missed.

7. I expect missed work to be made up promptly. You will have 2 days for each day you are absent. It is your responsibility to get class notes from another student. I will be happy to help you when you bring me these notes. Make up tests must be scheduled within 2 days of returning from your absence. For an absence to be excused, you must have a valid condition as set forth in Wake County Policy, and the excused note must be presented to the teacher within 2 days of your return .

Enloe High School's attendance policy allows for 80% of the grade earned to be given for make-up work completed for unexcused absences.

8. The Enloe Tardy Policy will be followed. If you enter the class after the tardy bell ( FOR ANY REASON) you must SIGN IN. If the tardy is UNEXCUSED, the student understands that by signing the Daily Tardy Form he/she is committing him/herself to a lunch detention assignment for the next school day. A student will not receive additional notification about the lunch detention assignment. If a student has a valid note for an EXCUSED tardy in hand, the student must give this note to the teacher AFTER signing the Daily Tardy Form. The teacher will adjust the Daily Tardy Form to indicate the excused tardy. There are NO PENDING TARDY NOTES.

If a student does not serve lunch detention on the assigned day, the student will be suspended for one day.

9. I expect you to make an appointment to see me if you are having any trouble with chemistry concepts or problems. You can give me a note indicating what type of help you need. Be as specific as possible.

III. Materials

1. Class notebook. All work must be organized in a notebook.

2. Lab Notebook. Please have a standard notebook with sewn in pages. You will not be allowed to participate in any lab experiences without your appropriate lab notebook.

3. Nongraphics, Non-programmable Scientific Calculator

4. 1 Gallon of DISTILLED water and 1 roll of paper towels for Lab.

IV. Grading

Grade will be based on 50% tests and 50 % labs and daily stuff.

Quarter Grades will be on a 10 point scale.

V. Conclusion