Bev's Website Bio

Hello! I'm Bev Snipes, a Biology teacher at Sanderson High in Raleigh, North Carolina.I have had 23 years of teaching experience.

My favorite topics to teach are...

My favorite search engine is ...Yahoo!

My favorite website for science teachers is i/imse/">IMSEnet

Some interesting and helpful websites I have visited include...

Rare Genetic Diseases in Children

This is a homepage that contains links to a wealth of information about rare genetic diseases that are usually mentioned in general biology texts. There are links to pages which describe symptoms, treatment, and support groups. Students can also chat with affected families and health professionals. An excellent source for up to date information on rare genetic disorders.

Coral Forest

Homepage for "a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting coral reef ecosystems through education in action." Links include a map showing location of reefs throughout the world, beautiful pictures, and sample lesson plans.

Genetics Education Network

The Gene homepage says the network is "dedicated to rescuing teachers and other students from terminal boredom by helping them do real science with modern research organisms." There are links to experiments and an excellent photo gallery. Students can also chat with scientists and teachers.

3-D Interactive Cell

This site has a great three-dimensional representation of a cell! Students get to see an inside view of common organelles like mitochondria and the Golgi apparatus.