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Use this list of links to browse science-related sites that could be used for classroom lessons. Remember you can use the Back button or Go in the menu bar to get back to pages you've left.

Sites for Biology and Ecology/Environmental Sciences
  • Digital Learning Center for Microbial Ecology presents the Microbe Zoo, a site for students to explore the connections of microbes with all aspects of life on earth.
  • The Farmer's Bones is an interactive web site (part of the Natural History of Genes) which introduces a lesson in skeletal remains identification. This lesson is appropriate for upper middle and high school students. 
  • Approximately 2500 science related web sites which are searchable by category and grade level are available from Frank Potter's Science Gems
  • The Heart: An Online Exploration provides numerous resources to help students learn about the circulatory system. This site, from the Franklin Institute Science Museum, includes movies and sounds associated with different heart problems. 
  • Human Anatomy On-line is an interactive site which teaches about human anatomy. This site (from the Insight Reference Series) is appropriate for upper middle and high school. 
  • The Natural History of Genes homepage 
  • Access Excellence Collection is a teacher resource for biology teachers. 
  • Cells alive! with 3D animation. 
  • Netspedition Amazon is an interactive scientific expedition to the Amazon rain forest. 
  • The Biology Project from the University of Arizona is an interactive site designed for high school and college level students. 
  • The Missouri Botanical Garden offers information on virtual biomes and aquatic habitats. 
  • Selected biology websites from IMSEnet at NC State 
Ecology/ Environmental Sciences
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