html reference
</html> Hypertext Markup Language. Use to begin and end an html document.
</head> Enclose the head of the document. May include the title and META tags.
< title>
</title> Goes within the head tags. Will put a title in the top bar.
< /body> Begins and ends the body of the web page. The BODY tag may also include color and text information. Example: <BODY BGCOLOR="#CCFFCC" TEXT="#003366" LINK="#0033ff" VLINK="#6633CC" ALINK="#FF0000">
< h1>
< /h1> A bold heading on the body of the page. Try h2 - h6 for smaller sizes.
< p>
< /p> Use to enclose each paragraph of text.
< br>

A line break. Will skip a line on the page.
< hr>

Horizontal rule. Will draw a line across the page.
< /ul> Use to enclose an unordered list. Items on the list will begin with bullets.

A list item. Use to begin each new item. Use within the ul tag.
<a href = "...">
</a> Use to create a link by typing in the URL. For example,
<a href = ""> Science House homepage </a>
<img src = "...">

Image Source. Use to insert an image into a document by typing in the location. For example, <img src = ""> is the code for the rainbow line below.
Other Useful Tags







centering, bold, italic

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