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Download a file from the Web

1. There are two methods for downloading files from the Internet to your computer:
  • hold the mouse button down (for PC, use the right button) on the desired link
  • choose Save this Link As.. from the pop up menu
  • click on Desktop or select the folder or directory you wish to save in,
  • change Format to “Source”
  • click on Save

  • click on the desired link and let the program unpack itself on your computer
  • Mac files will generally be packed as .hqx and Windows files may be packed as .zip
  • You will need Stuffit Expander (Mac) or WinZip to work with packed files.

These methods can be used for obtaining graphic images, video clips, and audio files.
  • place the cursor over the image
  • hold the mouse button down (for PC, use the right button)
  • proceed as in method A above
  • files will generally be labeled as .gif or .jpg
  • files can be viewed with JPEG Viewer or LView Pro
  • follow method A or B above
  • files will generally be labeled as .qt, .mov, or .mpg
  • files can be viewed with Sparkle or QuickTime for Windows
  • follow method A or B above
  • files will generally be labeled as .wav, .au, or .mpg
  • many video players will also handle audio
To look for programs to add to the function of your browser, go the the page Common Internet File Formats, http://www.matisse.net/files/formats.html

2. For practice, start on the page of Texas Instruments’ Calculator Program Archive, http://www.ti.com/calc/docs/arch.htm
  • Use the mouse to scroll down until you see the heading “Calculator Program Utilities” and “TI Graph-Link” below it.
  • Click once on “TI Graph-Link”. A new page should appear.

3. Look for the area on the left which reads “Download Graph Link For:
TI-82   TI-83   TI-85   TI-86 TI-92”.
  • Click on TI-83. A new page should appear.

4. Macintosh:
  • Hold the mouse button down on “Macintosh TI-Graph Link for the TI-83 v1.0.3”. Release on “Save this Link as...”
  • Click on Desktop. Change the Format to “Source”, and notice the file name, link83.hqx. Click on Save.
  • After a Saving message, link83.hqx should appear on your desktop (you may have to move your browser window to see it).
  • Double click on the link83.hqx icon. Decoding and Extracting should follow. A folder called TI-Graph Link should be on your desktop with the programs in it.
  • You can put link83.hqx and the icon with blue arrows on it in the the Trash.
  • If these events do not happen as described, you probably do not have Stuffit Expander installed on your computer.

5. Windows:
  • Use the right mouse button to click on “Windows TI-Graph Link for the TI-83 v1.4” and choose Save this link as.
  • Choose the your desired drive and directory to save it and change Format to Source. Press Enter.
  • Double-clicking on setup83.exe will begin an installation program (you may have to look for it in the File Manager or My Computer).
  • Follow the directions in the installation program. If you choose all the defaults, you should end up with a group for TI-Graph Link which contains the program.

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