The Biggest Reference Library in the World: A Surfing Safari
A. Cleveland & L. Grable

Top ten list - science in the classroom


There is a huge variety of sites on the web that can be used in the classroom. Here are some of our favorites.

Access Excellence Activities-To-Go

A searchable database of lessons and teaching strategies for science teachers to use to help students learn the concepts and processes of the life sciences.

Frank Potter's Science Gems

This site contains approximately 3100 links to sciences resources which are available on the web.

Solar System Simulator

View any of the planets or satelites from Earth with this simulation.

Nova Hot Science Activities

Learning activities designed to teach science in an interactive way.

The Explorer

This web site is a collection of educational resources for K-12 mathematics and science education.

Science Junction

Science Junction, a cyber community for teachers and students, grades 6-12

Annotated listing of science lesson plans

A listing of teacher lesson plans from the IMSEnet section of Science Junction.

Microbe Zoo

Microbe Zoo has information on soil, water, and health

Physical Sciences Resource Center

The Physical Sciences Resource Center from the American Association of Physics Teachers


Starchild, space science for elementary students

Workshop homepage available at

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