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April 1998

Workshop Leaders: Lisa Grable and April Cleveland, Fall 97

Workshop Leaders: Lisa Grable and Kyran Anderson, Spring 97

Workshop Leaders: Lisa Grable and Al Bodzin

Website Science, Summer 97

Workshop Leaders: Al Bodzin and Lisa Grable

Imhotep Academy, Summer 97

Workshop Director: Kyran Anderson

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Welcome to the Science House. This page is your entry to resources designed to accompany web-based workshops.

Surfer Surf and Master the Web - The Internet provides an open window on the world of science with the use of World Wide Web browsers. More and more students are enjoying the wonders of the Web and teachers can benefit as well. Our Web workshop will provide teachers with experience and familiarity with the World Wide Web, particularly in the realm of science. Activities will demonstrate the usefulness of WWW materials for science instruction for all levels of students. We will also practice writing Web pages for teachers to use as a guide for students.

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