Selected Science Magazines & Journal Sites

New Scientist

New Scientist magazine is the on-line version of a weekly news magazine on science and technology. There is a full listing of current articles. Complete text is available for several articles and editorials. There is a brief description of others. The page is reasonably attractive and easy to use. High school students will find it interesting.

National Geographic Online

This site provides many different types of resources. The main features of their magazine are on line. The site also offers activities geared to younger children as well as information about the National Geographic Society. The Resources section will be useful for both students and teachers. Students can research topics such as environmental issues, careers and famous biologists. Teachers can find lesson plans for environmental issues.


Science is on-line journal of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Use it to search for articles.

Electronic Journal of Science Education

Journal of Information Technology for Teacher Education

AACE Publications

Journals and Periodicals

T.H.E. Journal

Nature - International weekly journal of science

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