Teacher Lesson Plans

Share the Wealth Session1996 NSTA Global Summit on Science and Science Education

These lesson plans are from the National Science Teacher's Association presenters at the Share the Wealth session in San Francisco. These activities are appropriate for upper middle and high school students.

Biology Lessons for Prospective and Practicing Teachers

These lessons were developed in a biology course at San Diego State University. The lessons are appropriate for elementary and middle school students.

Kansas State University's Genetic's Education Network Yeast Experiments

This site has basic genetics experiments,ultraviolet light experiments and mutation experiments which use baker's yeast. These experiments are appropriate for high school students.

Live from the Stratosphere Teacher's Guide
Activities based on the observations of space made by the Kuiper Airborne Observatory are available in this guide. Hints for teachers and handouts for students are provided. These are appropriate for grades 6-12.

Newton's Apple Teachers Guides
Newton's Apple is a lively science show from PBS. Lesson plans have a wide range of topics such as the luge event in the Olympics, microwave ovens, and forensic science and are appropriate for high school. Starting with the 14th season, the guides are aligned with the national standards.

Lesson Plans from Imagine the Universe!
Imagine the Universe! is an astronomy website from the High Energy Astrophysics Science Archive Research Center (HEASARC). The lesson plans are keyed to national math and science standards and are designed for use in grades 6-12.

Outer Orbit's Lesson Plans

Lesson plans for grades K-12 are available from Outer Orbit, an educational website from Space News. The lesson plans are aligned with the National Standards.

Classroom Activities and Reproducibles - Science
Activities from Scholastic books are formatted for easy printing and reproducing. The activities are for grades 1 - 6.

Hands-On Science from the Exploratorium

The Exploratorium Snackbook is written for teachers to help guide students in building inexpensive projects that demonstrate science concepts.

Galileo K-12 Educational Activities

These activities are based on images and information from the Galileo space probe which went to Jupiter. This site is sponsored by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA.

Browse Scope, Sequence, and Coordination

The Scope, Sequence, and Coordination project from the National Science Teachers Association provides Micro-units by grade level. Choose the grade (9-12) and click to list the available micro-units.

The Best Lessons
The Best Lessons are original science lesson plans from WNETschool, a PBS affiliate. Many of the lesson plans go with PBS television shows.

Practical Uses of Math and Science is an on-line journal of math and science examples for pre-college education teachers from the California Institute of Technology. Click on the desired example.

Explorer is a math and science web site for K-12 teachers from the Great Lakes Consortium and the University of Kansas at Lawrence. To find the lesson plans, click on Resource Type and Curriculum and click the Create Search Form button. Once on the Set Search Fields page, click on Lesson Plans and the topic in science you wish (for all the science lesson plans, click Natural Science). Click on the Search button, available at the bottom or top of the page.

The Teachers.Net Lesson Exchange gives teachers the opportunity to share and request lessons. This site is appropriate for K-12 and allows searching to be done by subject or grade level.

Science Education Gateway
A space and earth science site which has lessons appropriate for all grade levels. Click on the buttons on the left hand side to go to a list of activities which correspond to the subject listed on the button.

Beat the Clock-Lessons in Time Management for Middle School Students
This site has lessons in time management which are appropriate for middle school students. These lessons are designed to help teach students the importance of managing and prioritizing their time and commitments.

Neptune's Web
The goal of this site is to integrate the study of science, math, social studies, physical education, creative art, and language arts through the use of oceanography lessons. These lessons are appropriate for middle and high school students.

WhaleNet Curriculum Units and Lesson Plans
A variety of curricula using WhaleNet resources plus other marine education lessons.

Athena, Earth and Space Science for K-12
A variety of well written lesson plans on topics including weather, space, earth, and the oceans.

Access Excellence Activities Exchange
Numerous biological science activities developed and contributed by teachers participating in Teacher Enhancement Programs which have formed partnerships with Access Excellence. Lessons are mostly geared for middle and high school levels.

Teacher-Developed Earth and Space Science Lessons and Classroom Activities
Topics covered by these lessons include Doing Astrophysics Research with an Artificial Earth Orbiting Satellite, Sine Waves, The Electromagnetic Spectrum, Images of the Universe in Different Wavelengths, Satellite Communications, Satellite Dishes, Constellations and the Zodiac, Solar System Objects, Earthquakes, and More! These lessons are appropriate for middle and high school students.

SMILE Program Lessons
The Science and Mathematics Initiative for Learning Enhancement at the Illinois Institute of Technology has been publishing lesson plans from elementary and high school teachers since 1986. Lesson plans are available for Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics.

Especially for Kids
This web site from Hazardous Materials Response and Assessment Division, National Ocean Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration contains a series of experiments for elementary and secondary school students to learn about oil spills and chemical accidents.

Views Of The Solar System
This site provides lesson plans and activities about space science which are appropriate for upper middle and high school students.

The Elephants of Cameroon Lesson Plans
The North Carolina Zoological Park collaborated with several Chatham County teachers to develop curriculum materials that build upon the Zoo's research in Cameroon.

Teacher's Lab
This Web site from Annenberg/CPB is a place where teachers and educators can experiment with new ideas in learning and identifying activities they can use in the classroom.

Lesson Plan Goldmine
A variety of science lesson plans from Columbia University's Summer Research Program particpants.

ENSIWeb: Evolution and the Nature of Science Institutes
This is a collection of classroom lessons to help biology teachers more effectively teach basic concepts in the areas of evolution and the nature of science. They were developed and tested during nine years of summer institutes by biology teachers from across the nation.

The Science Spot Lesson Plans
A variety of science lessons geared towards middle school students.

WW2010 Hurricanes module

Midlatitude Cyclones scaffolding activity

WW2010 El Ničo Instructional Module

Amazing Space Web-Based Activities

Engaging Science - Lesson Plan Exchange

Pond Science and Pond Math Activities

Project Primary

NASA/MSU-Bozeman CERES Project Educational Activities


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