IMSEnet is a Network of Instructional Materials for Science Educators. IMSEnet serves as a support network for science teachers on the World Wide Web who attend the SERVIT group's workshops using the IMSE (Instructional Materials for Science Education) CD-ROM. The IMSEnet web site contains many annotated web links to the best science instructional materials on the World Wide Web for K-12 classroom instruction as well as a variety of K-12 interdisciplinary web resources.

IMSEnet's SciTeach web forum is a place where science teachers can share ideas, reflections and conversations on teaching and implementation of technology in the classroom, while also providing support for each other as members of an electronic professional community.

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Last updated 4.1.98

IMSEnet is brought to you by the SERVIT Group, Department of Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education, North Carolina State University

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