Lesson Plans

The Brine Shrimp Project

Day 1
Please pick your partner. Please see your teacher when you have completed this information.

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Partner's Name


Review: the section in your textbook on the scientific method and processes of science

  1. Describe the six steps of the scientific method. Discuss the importance of each step.
  2. Define hypothesis.

  3. What is the function of a control in an experiment?

  4. Why is it important to keep careful records when doing an experiment?

Project Suggestions:
Brine Shrimp Eggs
  1. Does temperature affect the rate at which brine shrimp eggs hatch?
  2. Do different concentrations of salt affect the rate at which brine shrimp hatch?
  3. Does increased acidity (acid rain) affect the hatching rate of the brine shrimp?
  4. Do increased amounts of light increase or decrease hatching rates?
  5. Do pollutants (oil, etc.) have an effect on hatching rates?

Live Brine Shrimp
The same problems may be investigated using live brine shrimp, but determinations can be made on mortality rates.
  1. What amounts of food are optimal for brine shrimp survival?
  2. What is the optimal salt concentration for brine shrimp survival?
  3. Can brine shrimp survive at temperatures which are less than optimal (storage in the refrigerator, etc.)?

Day 1
With your partner brainstorm 3 problems you would like to investigate.


Oral presentation to the rest of class on the three problems you selected and ways in which you would carry out the investigation.

Day 1
List three additional problems presented by other teams which might be of interest to you and your partner .



Day 1
Select a problem .
State the problem you and your partner would like to investigate.

Day 1
Write a hypothesis.
Write a hypothesis related to the problem. Remember, a hypothesis is a tentative solution to the problem. A hypothesis may be written as if this happens, then this will happen. Example-If brine shrimp eggs are exposed to excess salt concentration, then the rate of hatching will decrease.

Day 1
Title of your project.
The title should be specific and relate to the problem and the hypothesis.

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