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Cape Hatteras/Buxton

Hatteras Island contains several small communities and the Cape Hatteras National Seashore. The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is a major tourist attraction. It is subject to oceanfront erosion and several protection methods have been used, such as renourishment, groins, and sandbags. However, erosion continues to threaten the lighthouse structure. Should the lighthouse should be saved? What options are available? What is your recommendation?

Cape Hatteras and Cape Point are famous fall fishing sites. What factors contribute to this recreational/commercial fishery?

Panorama taken north of the lighthouse at 35 16' 02 N, 75 31' 09 W (504 K)

The lighthouse photographs were taken at:
35 15' 14 N, 75 31' 20 W

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groin and sandbags groin groin groin

beach sand bags sand bags groin

lighthouse lighthouse lighthouse lighthouse


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