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North Carolina Coastal Resources Commission Member

You are a member of the North Carolina Coastal Resources Commission. You have been appointed by the governor of the state of North Carolina to set policies on coastal development issues.

Here is a list of recommended resources to explore in your role as a Coastal Resources Commission member:

Mason's Inlet Migration
Photographs of Shell Island
History of Mason's Inlet
Barrier Construction Issues
Inlet Protection and Development: Private Property vs. Public Costs
from the North Carolina Department of Natural Resources & Community Development Public Hearing on Inlet Standards Release. September 1981
Permit Application from Shell Island, New Hanover County and Town of Wrightsville Beach
for Emergency Sand Bag Reventment. August 30, 1996
Coastal Resources Commission Meeting Proceedings
Shell Island Variance Request (CRC-708)
September 26-27, 1996
Denial Letter from DEHNR
to New Hanover County and Town of Wrightsville Beach. September 4, 1996
Variance request by Shell Island Resort Homeowners Association
Memorandum From DCM to CRC. January 16, 1997
Newspaper Articles


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