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Mason's Inlet Migration

Below is a series of aerial photographs that show the migration of Mason's Inlet between October 1989 and November 1995. The red circle in each photograph is the location of the Shell Island Resort. Figure 8 Island is the barrier island located north of Mason's Inlet. Wrightsville Beach is located south of the inlet. The Atlantic Ocean is located on the right side of each photograph.

As the inlet migrates, what is happening to the southern end of Figure 8 Island?

What is happening to the marsh behind Figure 8 Island as the inlet migrates?


 October 1989

 May 1990
Average Distance Change=
180ft/0.6 yr


 November 1993
Average Distance Change=
670 ft/3.6 yrs

November 1995
Average Distance Change=
440ft/1.9 yrs

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