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Shell Island Newspaper Articles

Here are some online newspaper articles from The News & Observer of Raleigh, North Carolina to aid you in your exploration of the Shell Island dilemma.

...Real people vs. idealized nature (12/08/99, The N&O)

Shell Island decides to try to move inlet (08/23/99, The N&O)

Florida firm outlines plans to cut new inlet (08/10/99, The N&O)

Panel OKs resort's sandbags for another year (07/24/99, The N&O)

Editorial: Nature's victory (07/22/99, The N&O)

Court rules against resort on sea walls (07/21/99, The N&O)

New Hanover board agrees to help resort (04/21/99, The N&O)

Beach residents propose dredging (2/13/99, The N&O)

Inlet dredging dispute settled (9/14/98, The N&O)

Shell Island cited for unauthorized sandbags (8/17/98, The N&O)

Editorial: A win for the beaches (7/17/98, The N&O)

Resort kills Figure Eight project (3/29/98, The N&O)

Resort told to file doomsday plan (3/25/98, The N&O)

Letter: Fighting for what's ours (3/20/98, The N&O)

Resort disputes Figure Eight Island's permit to dredge (3/10/98, The N&O)

Editorial: Fighting for beaches (3/6/98, The N&O)

Letter: Victims of a flawed map (3/4/98, The N&O)

Gawkers flock to Shell Island (2/19/98, The N&O)

Coastal group joining resort fray (2/17/98, The N&O)

Shell Island resort sues state over beach erosion (2/12/98, The N&O)

Editorial: Still a shell game (1/31/98, The N&O)

Speculators buy condos at Shell Island (1/23/98, The N&O)

State panel won't tell resort to remove sandbags (1/24/98, The N&O)

Resort fights policy (1/10/98, The N&O)

Coastal panel may tell resort to remove wall (11/21/97, The N&O)

Editorial: Up against the wall (11/21/97, The N&O)

Shell Island again seeking sea wall (11/20/97, The N&O)

Flooded with generosity (11/9/97, The N&O)

Resort fined for erosion barrier (9/4/97, The N&O)

Panel votes to probe beach resort's use of sandbags (11/22/97, The N&O)

Shell Island wins OK for barrier (01/25/97, The N&O)

Development fights unbeatable foe (12/22/96, The N&O)

Resort proposes inlet dredging (11/01/96, The N&O)

Coastal panel rejects seawall at Shell Island (09/28/96, The N&O)

Coastal panel reverses policy, backs wall for Shell Island (09/21/96, The N&O)

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