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Location 3


1. Look at the Panorama Movie (below left). This panorama was filmed at a location indicated by the black circle on the Topographic Map. Once the movie appears, you can interactively pan left, right, up, or down simply by clicking and dragging your mouse over the image. To zoom in on the image, hold down the "Shift" key on your keyboard. To zoom out, hold down the "Control" key on your keyboard.

2. Look at the Topographic Map (below right). The black dot on the map indicates the location from which the panorama was taken. The north direction is at the top of this map. Place your cursor over the map and a larger image will appear in a new browser window.

3. Decide which area on the panorama is the north direction.

4. Click on the section of the Panoramic Picture Image (botton of screen) that faces north.

Panorama Movie
Topographic Map

Place your cursor over this map for a larger image. A new window will open.

location 3 map

Panoramic Picture Image
Click on north in this panoramic picture image.
location 3 panorama

Which Way Is North?

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