Chair: Kevin Rollinson
Advisor: Tim Hogan, Director of Student Centers Operations
  • Keep the USCBOD up to date on the state of the University Student Centers and note any and all problems and successes within the centers
  • Solicit student feedback when possible concerning the University Student Centers and their operations. Communicate feedback to the USCBOD and stay in contact with those who work with facilities issues
  • Responsible for the annual Board of Directors facilities project


Chair: Caitlin Cohn
Advisor: Deborah Felder, Director of Student Organization Resource Center
  • Inform USCBOD members of all upcoming events within the University Student Centers
  • Solicit feedback from event coordinators and participants for assessment and award purposes; and when possible, attend all events in support of the Student Centers Programming bodies
  • Examine current policies and procedures and develop recommendations for improved policies and procedures
  • Maintain the USCBOD Bulletin Board on the 1st floor of Talley Student Center


Chair: Parker Megginson
Advisor: Holly Durham, Director of Student Centers Finance, Business, and Planning
  • Stay in contact with the University Student Centers' business and budget personnel and keep the USCBOD up to date on budgets regarding the Student Centers
  • Be knowlegable about any fee requests, whether current or future, and solicit student feedback about budgetary issues
  • Review and recommend changes as needed to the UAB budget
  • Advise the USCBOD Treasurer on budgetary issues