Who Makes Up the Student Centers Board of Directors

The Student Centers Board of Directors represents the fee-paying students, as well as faculty, staff, and special members, to ensure that both the facilities and the social and cultural programs are operated in their best interest.

Name Position Email
Jonathon Smith
Student Centers President usc-bod-president@ncsu.edu
Matthew Barnhill
Vice President mwbarnhi@ncsu.edu
Emily Ericksen Secretary egericks@ncsu.edu
Parker Megginson
Treasurer pdmeggin@ncsu.edu
Kelly Harris
UAB President, ex officio uab_president@ncsu.edu
Kim Green
UAB Representative klgreen3@ncsu.edu
Daniel Cunningham Campus Arts Council Representative djcunnin@ncsu.edu
Sarah Price
Campus Arts Council Representative seprice2@ncsu.edu
Buddy Bryson Student Body Treasurer, ex officio sbt@ncsu.edu
Kevin Rollinson
At-Large Seat kevinrollinson@ncsu.edu
Cory Wade
At-Large Seat cjwade@ncsu.edu
Jaies Kunnappillil
At-Large Seat jjkunap@ncsu.edu
Elizabeth Scott
At-Large Seat esscott2@ncsu.edu
Faeben Fulford African American Cultural Center Representative ftfulfor@ncsu.edu
Caitlin Cohn
GLBT Center cmcohn@ncsu.edu
Michelle Clayton
Women's Center Representative mkclayt2@ncsu.edu
Seve Gaskin
Student Senate Representative smgaskin@ncsu.edu
Alexandria Hartill
Reservations and Events Management ashartil@ncsu.edu
Katie Strickland
Campus Enterprises-At Large Student Representative
Alanna Howard
Student Media
Lindsay Skully
Inter-Residence Council
Nicole Ralston
CSLEPS Representative
Alex Miller Associate Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs alex_miller@ncsu.edu
Tim Hogan Campus Enterprises tim_hogan@ncsu.edu
Joanne Woodard
Vice Provost, OIED
Mike Giancola
Student Development Programs Administrative Liaison
Stacy Fair
Faculty Representative
Samantha Melton
Administrative Assistant