To see NC State innovation at work, you don’t need to look for an ivory tower. Just look around.

We’re at the forefront of faculty cluster hiring, bringing in the brightest minds to tackle some of the toughest emerging issues of our time. NC State is now home to 20 interdisciplinary clusters, each one a nexus for some of the world’s leading researchers.

Beyond the lab, our work has launched more than 550 consumer products and more than 100 startup companies. Together, those startups have attracted more than $1.2 billion in annual economic impact in North Carolina alone.

From preserving the foods in your fridge to protecting the data on your smartphone, NC State ideas are in action all around you.

Top 25 Nationwide

NC State is among the best universities in the country at research commercialization — and No. 1 in North Carolina. Source: Milken Institute

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