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HTML 5 Accessible PHP Framework

What is it?

  • Accessible HTML 5 code
  • HTML and CSS that offers a solid foundation for custom on-brand website development
  • On-brand typography - inlcluding font types and sizes
  • A starting point for common web layouts that mirror and other centrally managed websites.
  • An alternative to the NC State templates
  • PHP-powered and easy to use. PHP is primarily used for header, footer and navigation management.
  • Dreamweaver-friendly (optional)

What it's not

  • It is NOT a design
  • Is not a fully designed template system
  • It is not locked down, feel free to make custom changes and adjustments
  • It does not need to be reviewed by University Communications but should follow Brand guidelines.

Configuration Options

The framework includes three possible configurations, which use most of the NCSU.EDU typography. Developers are encouraged to add-on template styles by using a local stylesheet and applying a custom design.

Here are a few additional examples:

Setup Tutorial