NC State Framework Documentation

The purpose of the template is to offer a solid foundation for custom on-brand, accessible website design. The code base should give developers a good starting point for most projects, offering an alternative to the NC State template.

This template system includes three possible configurations: three-column, two-column and two-column-with-horizontal-navigation (with an optional superfish jQuery plugin). Developers can bypass template styles by using the local stylesheet in the css folder.


Quick Start

  1. Inside the "core" folder, rename "config-sample.php" to "config.php".

  2. Open config.php. Define your site URL.
    define('ROOT_URL', '');

    Include "http://". Our code uses 'ROOT_URL' to generate some links to your home page as well as some other server magic.

    Modify the site configuration array.

    $config = array(
    'siteName' => 'Department of Environmental & Molecular Toxicology',
    'brand_strip_colors' => 'black',// options: black, red, red_on_white, black_on_white
    'headerBg' => 'black', // Header and Footer Background => options: black, red, white
    'headerColor' => 'white' // options: black, red, white

    This array allows you to plug in your site name, which will automatically render in the header area and <title> of your documents. The other options allow you to specify styling for the branding bar and header area.

  3. Setup a "Site" in Dreamweaver which points to the root folder. Create a new page from one of the included templates or use one of the existing example pages located in the root directory.

Directory Structure

Template Features

Each template contains optional regions that can be turned on or off on an individual page basis. Optional template regions can be controlled in Dreamweaver by selecting Modify > Template Properties. By default two optional regions are turned on (page_title and breadcrumbs). A third optional region feature_player is available for the two column templates but turned off by default. The feature_player optional region contains a jQuery powered featured content player.